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Schrodinger equation in gravitational field

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    I read article http://www.oup.co.uk/pdf/0-19-850687-2.pdf [Broken]
    There is described Schrodinger equation in gravitational field (1.10) and COW experiment.
    But once I found article, where it is shown that this Schrodinger equation is in direct contradiction with principle of equivalence.
    Can someone know this article or why it is this contradiction?
    Best regards
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    Can you tell us the source? There's no author or journal reference in the paper.
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    Maybe Kiefer. Once I found this article with the name.
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    Look, there's really nothing "special" about gravity IF you simply want to use that in the potential term of a schrodinger equation. Honest! The quantum effects of gravity has been observed![1]

    What is currently the issue is the QFT description of gravity. This is different than "Schrodinger equation in a gravitational field".


    [1] V.V. Nesvizhevsky et al. Nature v.415, p.297 (2002).
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    Zapper, I understand this, I know that this is not quantum gravity.

    But once I saw Schrodinger equation with homogenic gravitational field.
    Bellow It was explanation that mi is in denominator and mg is above in equation and this is not in accoradance with equivalence principle.
    I wish to remember, how precisely is this.

    I am interested in disagreements of quantum theory and general relativity, not in solvatition of this.

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