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    Maybe some are done, some cost money, and some are unpopular for other reasons.
    Just telling teachers you are trying something new and monitoring the progress can have a positive effect already.

    I don't say he is wrong, but he should work on the way he presents his results, that might increase the acceptance of them.
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    That is very possible. He is an academic and would have presented his results in academic journals. He has spoken to the media of course - that's why it has been reported - and quite frequently actually. That's why some schools trialed it - they were desperate and did it as a last resort - which itself speaks volumes. The thing is it worked. It should be opened up to even larger trials - and not just those so desperate they will try anything. But teachers will have to change their ways - changing how you do things is a lot harder than saying - give me smaller class sizes. So naturally it doesn't have the enthusiastic support of teachers - they always harp on easier things for them - like smaller class sized etc than how they teach. BTW this is not a criticism - its just natural human nature. I remember I had to change my ways when I went from a computer programmer in one government department to another. There walkthroughs where you are criticized by your peers was mandatory - it took some adjusting - and it wasn't exactly nice.

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