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Science TV and Terrible Editing,Effects

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    For better or worse I have gotten most of my Science information from various television series over the past few decades.I have noticed a disturbing trend in TV editing and effects over the years. Actually a freaking aggravating, infuriating and disappointing trend toward using idiotic effects to perform simple cuts or transitions from one scene to another in many of the newer programs of all sorts, not just the moronic,ghost and ufo(Eric Von Daniken) "investigations". Discovery,National Geographic,History Channels, PBS NOVA,etc., are all guilty of these immature and unprofessional methods.
    The use of "epileptic" editing techniques(phoney static,flashing lights,smearing frames, etc.) and nausey-cam as well as stupid,noisy background "music" has made it impossible for me to watch many of the programs which could otherwise be fine,informative presentations.
    Everyone who has tried to make their own films or videos for the first time is probably guilty of using cheap,cheesy,stupid effects to "enhance" their goofy work - when they're 14 years old!The first rule of TV/film making is that the SUBJECT is the star, not the director or the editor. One should not be glaringly aware of the directing or editing, and special effects are for enhancing the telling of the Story.
    I hope,after personally emailing several letters of complaint myself, that something can be done to end this pathetic attempt at "hip-hopping" up Science Television.
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    Thanks for pointing this out. I thought their last show on psychics that channel ghosts on UFO's was a load of hooey, but I couldn't put my finger on just why.
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