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Search of high impact factor journal

  1. Jun 14, 2006 #1
    it seems a silly question.
    how to figure out the most important journal in this field?
    can I serch by the impact factor?how can I use it?
    I am a beginner in this branch, and I am confused in how to find out the important artical which imapct this field a lot.
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    You need to look at a citation index. Go to a library and ask a librarian to help you with this if you do not have access to a citation index such as the ISI.

    In physics, the top 3 highest ranked journals in terms of impact factor are Nature, Science, and Physical Review Letters.

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    What's the field?

    All the Elsevier journals have the IF on their intro pages now.

    fwiw, iirc, highest in physics are:

    Science and Nature (of course)


    Physics Review Letters

    For maths - I think the Journal of Fluid Dynamics is high - but it depends on the specific field (apart from S and N, and PRL).

    What's your field?
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