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Second BS in Eng or MS in Applied Math

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    I started this topic in the career guidance thread but realized this is probably the thread where it should be.

    After graduating with my BS in Kinesiology I realized that I did not want to pursue a career in the field, they were too people oriented and not stimulating enough. So I'm at a point where I know I want to do something technical. I've taken about 2 semesters worth of undergrad ME classes and am currently at a University pursuing my second BS in ME, I have about 4-5 semesters left to get the degree. This time frame seems excessive and it's mostly due to the worthless foreign language and culture class deficiencies I need to graduate. Also, I'm a little worried that I will end up being a CAD-jockey instead of doing something more analytically oriented. To be honest, I despised Materials and Statics class, I am really hoping that fluid dynamics and heat transfers will be more my thing.

    Basically, I've come to a point where I'm really considering getting a MS in Applied Math. I believe I could get into a program by taking the GRE and a linear alg class, seeing as I've already taken the Calcs and Diff EQ. I'm definitely more interested in the application of the theory and think it would be fun to create mathematical models etc. The job prospects are probably equal for a BS in ME and MS in Applied Math. Also, the time frame for each degree is about equal. The MS would allow me to skip these worthless "red-tape" classes and probably put me at a higher earning potential, so I'd be positioned as if I had started working when I graduated in 2010. I'm also positive that I'd pursue and MS somewhere down the road anyways.

    What do you all think, BS in ME or MS in Applied Math? Can I get into an MS with the GRE, calcs, diff eq, lin alg, and a 300 level stat class?
    Would the time-frames be equal?
    Is it possible to obtain an MS in 1.5 years?
    Could I get into similar professions?

    Sorry for the kind of double threads, I just wanted to make sure I got this in the correct forum.
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