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Second Law analysis for Radiative Heat Transfer

  1. Jul 3, 2013 #1
    Hi people, I'm currently working on a project regarding entropy generation by (emissive only) radiative heat transfer from heat sinks. But I'm unable to find a proper treatment regarding Second Law analysis for Radiative Heat Transfer. Can someone give me the link to any book or any article regarding this?
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    Abstractly, this is just a situation involving a system and its surroundings, which exchange energy but not mass. It doesn't matter what the energy transfer mechanism is, whether radiative or conductive, so the entropy can be analyzed just like any other canonical ensemble. This should be covered in any book on introductory statistical mechanics (look up the chapter on canonical ensembles).

    If you are asking about the specific mechanisms behind radiative heat transfer from a statistical mechanical viewpoint (such as the T^4 relation), this is more complicated and requires a quantum mechanical treatment. I don't understand it myself, so I can't point you to any good sources.
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