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Programs Second PhD in Mathematics

  1. Feb 20, 2008 #1
    First time poster, frequent reader.

    I am about 6 months away from getting my PhD in Biochemistry, though I am strictly a computational biologist (comparative genomics). My goal in pursing this degree was to use math (I have BA in Mathematics and Integrated Science) to solve biological problems. Hasn't really happened. I have had some opportunities to dabble in both graph theory and information theory while working on my thesis, but I could never get those aspects of my research going (my boss left, not a lot of other math people around). If I am interested in becoming more serious about my mathematical education, is it stupid to go for a second PhD in mathematics? The goal would be to eventually revisit some of these biology problems, but with formal mathematics training.

    Has anyone found themselves in a similar situation? I know many physicists who made the jump to biology, a transition eased by the fact that they had formal math training. I am just looking for the best way to gain that training. After going through one degree, the notion of doing it again seems ridiculous to me, but I am not sure I see other options.

    Thanks in advance.
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    you probably shouldn't take my advice- i'm still in high school and you know more than me, but i would think if you want a career in the biology then self training in mathematics would be enough. if you want a career in biomathematics or in math i guess you might want the phd in math. it should depend on your career goals. but in my opinion, self teaching is the best way to learn the material and i infact learn the best that way. its fun, you move at your pace, and do the problems you want and its effective. its possible to be great at math but have no phd.
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    One advantage to the postdoc treadmill is that it gives you a lot of time to try and define your abilities...
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