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Aerospace Secret Aerodynamics of B2 Stealth

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    My friend had invented a new aerodynamic concept to reduce drag. My friends and colleagues say that his concept has striking similarity to B2 Stealth Bomber (elevation) design. I think his concept is novel and we contacted Northrop Grumman but there wasn’t any feedback. So I am inviting your esteemed opinion in this regard. For details on his concept follow the link http://sites.google.com/site/highlyaerodynamicdesign/

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    First, by looking at your velocity vector plots, you have no where near enough grid for those runs. Aside from that, the reason that we run blunt tips is for structural reasons. You simply can't make, let alone run wings of that shape at high speeds.

    Aside from that though, good work and it never hurts to keep thinking of new ideas.
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    I'm sure the guys at Grumman got a good laugh out of this.
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    Some supersonic wings have sharp leading edges. and most of the airfoils have sharp trailing edge. Actually I was planning a tilt-able leading edge that is always parallel to aircraft direction even during climb.
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    Words cannot express how disappointing your website and analysis is.
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    From the very limited amount I have learned about supersonic aerodynamics, a sharp tip (or edge) can be a bad idea because it pierces the shock layer, exposing the aircraft to high temperature gradients. Highly supersonic aircraft (such as a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere) have to utilize a blunt body that uses the shock layer for insulation, because anything piercing the shock layer would melt off.

    From an FEA standpoint, a sharp tip like that will cause a singularity in your code which needs to be accounted for.
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