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Homework Help: Self-study on electromagnetism

  1. Jul 10, 2011 #1
    Hi there PF

    I am doing a self-study on electromagnetism based on "Introduction to Electrodynamics" by David Griffith. I am through with chapter 1, where I have solved all the problems. This has taken quite some time, so I want to ask, if anyone could give me some advice, about which problems that are good to solve (to get a minimum of understanding), so that I leave out the more difficult ones (maybe a list of the worthwhile problems :).

    I am going to take a course later on, on the same subject @ the university of Copenhagen, so I will probably get a better understanding there anyways. I just want a minimum of understanding right now.

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    I found that the ones towards the beginning of an exercise were more simpler than those towards the end, in general. You would grasp enough from solving those I think.
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