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Studying Self-studying Linear Algebra

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    any good books? Reason for this is because my college highly recommands Linear Algebra for Calc IV, I have Calc III already, but they highly recommend Linear Algebra, so I don't want to take the risk.
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    Why not just take linear algebra? Also, I'm assuming calc IV = ODE's? If this is true, most of your work will be with systems of ODE's so you'll need some basic matrix algebra. Strang's "Introduction to Linear Algebra" is not only a solid linear algebra text but really good if you want to become adept at working with matrices. Although, this is exactly why some professors have qualms with it...
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    I can't, because I am a High school student and I am only allowed to take one course per semester at my college.
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    I really like Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler for the basic theory of linear algebra. The explanations and proofs are extremely well-written. It's really a nearly perfect book for a relaxed first exposure to the theory of the subject (despite its preface which asserts it's for a second course).

    But it won't cover any of the applications of the subject. I've picked up the applications mostly from taking courses like ODEs.
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    I've been using D. H. Griffel: Linear Algebra and its Applications (Volumes 1 and 2). The Khan Academy has some great videos, including a linear algebra section:


    Videos and other materials from Gilbert Strang's linear algebra course at MIT are available here:


    The second of these pages of short videos by Selwyn Hollis includes a section on linear algebra that covers some key concepts:

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    yeah, I am looking into using Khanacademy too, but I still need practices.
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