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Sending a message back through time

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    From what I heard (Or at least i think I remember)...

    Stephan Hawking predicted that it is possible for some kind of sub-atomic particles to travel back through time. So what if we could build a device to send sub-atomic messages back through time in a way like Morse code? Can we send ourselves messages into the past...? First we'd need to create this device to send ourselves messages and then build a device to listen to them. I wonder what would happen if we built a detector to receive these messages right now. Could it be possible that we're sending ourselves messages back through time right now and we don't even know it? Like natural disasters and stuff... hrmm... I wonder...
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    first, time only exists in this, the physical universe. in the greater reality, it is most probable that your 'present' is wherever your consciousness is focused. ergo, when the conscious mind is silent (as in sleep) is seems logical that you can visit a past time period.

    not scientific proof, but have you ever had a serious problem that appears unsolveable, go to bed and wake the next morning, still troubled. then, when you revisit the problem a solution flashes through your mind like a bullet. then many years later think about the event and wonder how you found that solution?

    that future, thinking about the past, influences the past. as they say, the present is the product of the future and the past.

    i believe it is a safe prediction that QM will eventually provide us with the information to make such time events more understandable and more obvious.

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    Very interesting.

    Although the only probablem I can find with time is that the only reason we can even perseive time is because we have memories. Without memory would we even be able to understand time, (or proof it exists) would time even exist if you cannot remember something? Because in realty time is just a way we came up with to show how objects relate to one another in their positions in the universe. If I had the ability to take all the matter in the universe and put it back to where it was yesterday, would i be reversing time or would I have simply put everything back to where it was yesterday. Does time even exist?
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    oh boy, time is a man made measure so that our brain doesn't short circuit. this is also why we need an altered state (sleep, meditation, etc.) to access the broader reality.

    teaser - can you concieve of a time when you didn't exist? if, we have conscious memories of this physical life, we must have subconscious memories of our total existence, IMHO.

    yesterday's matter is always there for you to visit as you need, so is tomorrow's. they are like children's blocks for us to play with and learn (about the universe, not our ABC's).

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    Anythings possible! :) (well almost)

    But if time is a man-made measure and time does not exist why would we have memories in the first place and why would we have subconscious memories when we don't need to remember anything since there is no time? Would'nt we simply know all and be all, always?

    ok my brain is gonna start to hurt soon. I need to sleep. :)
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    Our idea of time is, in fact, heavily dependent on the phenomenon of memory. From what I've read about the brain, I think it is highly likely that neurologists will one day find a circuit in the brain that is responsible for our sence of time, just as there are circuits that construct our perception of color from what are merely different frequencies of light.

    I suppose that if we could isolate what it is our brain constructs our sence of time from we would learn a great deal about time that we don't now know. I read that the cells of the thalamus, which is an essential part of the brain for consciousness, pulsate at 40 cps. Our sense of time may be a kind of differential between that frequency and some frequency outside of us.
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    Are you suggesting by this, jaguar99, that if time didn't exist then we would be "omni-omni", or all everything? Do you mean that we would know, feel, see, (insert rest of senses here :biggrin: ) and be everything all at once?

    On a slightly different subject, are you saying that time does, or doesn't exist? :confused:
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