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Separator tank pumps out the liquid so as to keep the tank level

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    I have a question please i am not sure about. I work with this machine as a operator but would like to learn more.

    1. I have attached a picture of a juice separator tank. The juice enters the separator where the liquid goes to the bottom of the tank and the vapour rises to the top of the tank where it leaves to a condensor.The pump at the bottom of the separator tank pumps out the liquid so as to keep the tank level at 52% between the 2 sensors ...The 52% tank volume is calculated between the 2 sensors and not actually 52% of the actual tank volume...Liquid exists in about only 10% of the tank .The distance between the 2 sensors is 2.5metres.The pump with the bottom sensor is about 1.1metres beneath the bottom of the tank

    What formula would i use to calculate the pressure...P2 is the top pressure sensor and P1 is the bottom sensor. I also think that static pressure is part of the equation. Is there a name for this equation of P2/P1 and Static?
    How does it calculate 52% between these 2 sensor points? The pump at the bottom of the tank speeds up and slows down so as to keep the volume between the 2 sensors at 52% in the tank
    Any advice appreciated



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