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Sequential lights(i.e brake or turn signals)

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    I,m trying to do some bike customization and would like to modify my mirrors to have a set of led sequential turn signals on them. You can buy modulators to do this for you but i imagine all it is just a couple cappacitors and resitors pretty much thats involved. Im not a electrical idiot and know quite a bit about how cars and bikes work but when i comes down to stuff like making electrical switches such as this i could use some help. I preffer to build stuff like this on my own since this is one of the ways i best learn how things work, so i definitly want to figure this one out.
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    What exactly are sequential turn signals? Is that like where there are three in a row or something, and they blink 1-2-3 to show a direction? The simplest way to make it would probably be to use transistors to turn on each LED (or LED group), and make a simple oscillator and counter and logic circuit to do the sequencing.
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    yeah you have the exact idea. Im still not exactly sure on how to build it though. Im doing some searches do better understad these simple ocillators and logic cicuits also i have the bikes service manual with the wiring diagram which i can post a link to a pic of if neccesary.

    So far heres is my wiring plan(of what little there is). I plan as of right now to leave the stock wiring all the sam so that the bike will send the pulse up to the mirror. From there is where i planned on putting in the cicuitry to activated the different light groups. There will be 3 groups of 5 led's.

    If you can help me understand how to produce these cicuits it would be appreciated. and i thank you for the advice already given.
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