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NEWB - LED Tail light wiring diagram

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    Hello. So I have a pair of LED tail lights that are operated by 2 modules. One is for Dimming, Braking and strobe function, and the other is for Turn signal blinking. One tail light is wired to the other through a wire harness and then the wires for dimming and brake function come out the other tail light.

    I have drawn this diagram to show you how I am trying to hook up my tails. My question is, when i split my brake wire into two wires, i'm running them to on-off-on switch. Brake light on one side, Strobe function on the other, then running the brake light to the module under Number 3 slot then to the OEM brake light wire. Then running strobe to a switch and then to the module. Would this be the correct way to "switch power" between the two?

    Sorry I'm totally new at this so forgive me that I do not have the specs of these modules and such.


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    jim hardy

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    We can only guess at what those "modules " do.
    Only advice i can give is
    When all else fails, read the directions..
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    jim hardy

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    okay i think i was able to match most of your words to your drawing.

    That sounds to me like a mistake.
    It invites the OEM wire and the "module" to fight over who controls the light.

    What is purpose of that switch?

    Go ahead and draw the light bulbs inside your taillamps. That should make it easier for you to figure out how to power them.
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