Set Up Dual Line Bench Power Supply For Op Amp Testing

  1. This is a very silly question. I cant believe I have forgotten. I have a 30v bench power supply and I am looking to test an op-amp running at +/- 15v. I have a supply which has a negative output/ positive output and inbetween a green common/earth output. How do I wire them to produce the +/- 15v rather than just the full 30v?
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  3. From your description, you just have single rail +30V power supply. But there is a simple way to power op-amps from a single rail by generating a virtual ground. Consider the circuit:


    Apply +30V Vcc DC power, and the output of the op-amp will serve as a virtual ground to be used for the rest of your circuit which is now going to be referenced between +15/-15 volts.
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