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Sexxx ed/stopping teenage pregnancy idea

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    So I had the greatest idea. You know the best way to stop kids from making baybays when they're not ready? Schools should have programs where teenagers have to look after babies for a few hours every day for a few weeks. Having a baby is such a traumatizing and evil event that some men even take a knife to their own crotch in the hopes of never having to have a baby again.

    This would totally work. IM SO SMART.

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    I usually use a lighter to ignite my testicles whenever I even hear a baby cry in the distance.
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    this will definitely work

    but what if something happens to these babies?
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    Or, maybe a 15 year old's maternal instinct would kick in and she would WANT kids?

    Where are you getting these babies anyhow?

    In related news: Basel, Switzerland - sex ed is being taught in kindergarden with a 'sex box'. Out of decency, I hessitate to link directly to an article that has pictures (one of the links in that article links to a translated version of the local newspaper which does have pictures). It's definately odd...
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    My mother used to work as a nurse and once had to explain to a teen exactly how she became pregnant. That might sound bizarre and rare, but the highest rates of abortions, STDs, etc. are in the Bible Belt where even talking about such things is taboo. In some places like West Virginia 90% of the population believes in ghosts and witches and that the Devil is literally walking the earth. These aren't the sharpest tacks around and a baby can often be viewed as a status symbol.

    I once met a girl who's grandmother got married at 16, her mother at 15, and she was out to break the family record. I ran in the opposite direction, but I saw her again ten years later. Sure enough, she had broken the record and now had 6 kids.
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    Ok new plan. All kids must visit West Virginia for a week.
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    There were weird plans like that in the UK (and the US I think?) Where the kids are given dolls that are meant to simulate babies. They have to walk around with them and they periodically cry, scream, need to be fed, need to be changed blah blah. The chip inside keeps track of how good the parent is and you have to pass the course.

    Trouble was very few schools did it, I only knew of one and they dumped it pretty quick when kids started just leaving the dolls on park benches. The local church took it on which was a surprise, I didn't realise how high their teen pregnancy rate was...
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    I like to think that there is a nice middle ground between sexual repression and obligatory touching in kindergarten. However, maybe I'm just too sane for the world we live in. :uhh:
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    Not fair to the good kids.

    If teens get pregnant, then the government should exile them as punishment.Because they are not going to learn.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It would be too traumatizing for the babies. Heck, I'm traumatized just by the sight of teenagers. :biggrin:
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    wow, that reminds me of "hunt-the-zipper" from http://www.huxley.net/bnw/ten.html" [Broken].
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    Silly idea. The parents of those babies would be prosecuted for child abuse.
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    The local high school has a class like that. You see kids packing a baby carrier around. Of course many carry it like it was thier laundry, not a infant.
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    What about the little kids that have kids?

    http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/28978568/detail.html [Broken]
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    i have a niece who outgrew her mother in every way before turning 12. from a distance, they look almost identical except for hair color. fortunately, she's somewhat academically gifted and has enough sense to avoid that outcome. but it's obvious already that the pressure from older boys will be there in spades.
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    I recently discussed it with my pre-teen daughter.

    First argument, a claim to authority, "I want you to be a virgin until forty" was met with little respect. So that didn't help.

    Second argument, an absurdity, "I want to be a grandfather soon, so you should learn to drink breezers and hang out with boyfriends" made her think a bit more.

    Still some years left.

    Edit: I forgot the "I will laugh my head off for the rest of my life if you get knocked-up early." Which was also pretty puzzling to her. :smile:
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    I just told my girls that when they decided to have sex, let me know so I could get them birth control pills and condoms. They did. Good girls.

    I'd much rather have my 16 year old tell me that she's had sex and needs birth control than my 16 year old coming to me and telling me that she's pregnant.
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    My high school had a parenting course (optional). You would carry around a doll that would cry etc.
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    that's great. how heavy was it?
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