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Sfu or ubc

  1. May 19, 2007 #1
    I am a grade 12 student, and I am wondering which of the two university should I attend. The choices are SFU or UBC, but I am not sure which university has the most graduates going to top university for PhD.
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    Unfortunately, Maclean's does not rank university departments according to what fraction of graduates go on to phds at "top universities".... You should probably just go to U of T along with all the other undergrads who want to go to a top university for a PhD.

    You might also wish to consider what other aspects of the university experience which are important to you. Would you like to smoke pot on the beach in the middle of the afternoon? Would you like to ride a bus up and down a steep hill every weekday for four years? Which university has the fatter squirrels?

    In all seriousness, UBC might be worth it just for Erich Vogt's first-year honours physics class. SFU has some great profs too (Andrew DeBenedictis). Wherever you go, take the honours courses - they tend to be smaller and better taught (and more fun).

    Like any other university in Canada, both UBC and SFU have some great teachers and some not-so-great teachers. If you go to either school you'll meet interesting people and have great life-altering experiences (because that is what happens when you go to university and throw yourself into the world). It probably won't much matter where you go or why as long as you work hard and enjoy yourself while you're there.

    Just go to whichever school gives you more money.
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