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Shankar, Ballentine or Zettili for a first book on QM?

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    All three seem to be loved, mathematically rigorous, and appropriate as undergraduate-level texts. I have a good knowledge of classical physics, ODEs and PDEs, linear algebra and multivar calculus, but no knowledge of analytical mechanics or QM. Some opinions on these or other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    Zettili contains many solved problems and derivations are in general detailed, but it is short on explaining some/many important topics.
    A book that I had the pleasure in reading was:


    Its contains around 600 pages of chapters and a 200 pages appendix (an awesome appendix).
    I did supplement some parts of this book with Zettili's.

    My own reviews of both can be found here:

    I am not a fan of Shankar's, gets me bored easily (kind of too wordy ?)
    I haven't used Bellentine's before.
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    shankar of course
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    Zettilli is incredible. I would put it over Shankar.
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    I don't venture myself anymore on suggestions as to which book to start with; I can say, however, that you should have Ballentine's book as a prime candidate for a second book on quantum mechanics.
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    Awesome, thanks for the replies!
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