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Shielding magnetics to prevent interaction

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    Could anybody tell me, if there is anything that can distract magnetic field, but not in the way diamagnetics do. I.E. when I put two magnets on table N|S S|N they will start repulsing themselves, and i want to know, what can i put between them, to avoid reaction of repulsing, so there will be magnetA N|S "something" magnetB S|N and nothing will happen, they will just remain on their places.
    Of course in both situations distances between magnets are the same.
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    You would put ferrous metal shields in place. The shields would each return the magnetic field of a magnet from N-S, without letting the field out of the immediate area of the magnet. You could use "C"-shaped shields, for example, one around each magnet.
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    Faraday shield.
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    No, Faraday cages don't work for static magnetic fields. E.g. a copper shield won't have effect at all on the magnetic field.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Mu-metal? Superconducting shields?
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    From http://www.mumetals.com/

    "There is no known material that blocks magnetic fields without itself being attracted to the magnetic force. Magnetic fields can only be redirected, not created or removed. To do this, high-permeability shielding alloys like MUMETAL are used. The magnetic field lines are strongly attracted into the shielding material. "
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    Re: Anti-magnetic.

    Hello every body!!!

    I am new here. can any body teach me how to post my question or how to check whether they are answered or not?

    Regarding this discussion, i would like to ask you all that how can we prevent the magnet from attracting the iron.

    and sorry for using the quots of f95 toli.
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