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Courses Should I pursue an Xseries or a credit-course?

  1. Sep 27, 2016 #1
    I want to go to a good university to study astrophysics, and for doing so I'm thinking for getting an online certificate from edX. The problem is I don't know what is better.

    There's a course called "Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy" in which if you pass it, you may get 4 credit hours, but with a high cost of 600$.
    The other option is the Xseries of "Astrophysics" consisting on 4 courses with a total cost of 200$ which is far for economical. It seems this has the same content as the 1st year of Astrophysics in ANU university.

    I don't know what to pursue. If I go into ISSA, university aplication may get easier, as I proved to handle credit, but 4 credit hours may be quite few, and the prize is so high (I'm a teenager)... If I go into "Astrophysics", university aplication may get easier too, but maybe quite less. Although, is more economical, and it proved I completed more courses (so much more certificates).

    What do you recommend? :)
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  3. Sep 27, 2016 #2
    Online certificates are useless. Take the course if you're interested, but don't expect it to help you with admission.
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