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Should I take AP Chemistry?

  1. Sep 14, 2009 #1
    I am a junior in high school with a 4.1 GPA. I am seriously considering either paleontology or some kind of biology as a major in college. I have read that as a future science major, I should take as many science courses as possible in high school.

    I know I will need to use chemistry in either of the majors listed above, and I am wondering if I should take AP chemistry. My reservations are that I do not know if the teacher is any good and I have heard that the AP Chem test is the hardest of all the AP tests. I also do not truly enjoy chemistry, but am willing to suffer through it for other sciences.
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    I am self-studying AP Chem this year. If you decide to do it, I strongly recommend Linus Pauling's book "General Chemistry". It covers tons of stuff that is definitely not on the exam and is a bit out of date, but the quality is simply superb.
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