Ap chemistry Definition and 7 Discussions

Advanced Placement Chemistry (also known as AP Chemistry or AP Chem) is a course and examination offered by the College Board as a part of the Advanced Placement Program to give American and Canadian high school students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and earn college-level credit. AP Chemistry has the distinction of having the lowest known test participation rate, with 49.5% of AP Chemistry students taking the exam in one study. Another, smaller, study found that 52.7% of students enrolled in AP Chemistry took their course's AP test.

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  1. J

    The concentration of B at equilibrium

    Homework Statement For the reaction given below, 2.00 moles of A and 3.00 moles of B are placed in a 6.00L container. A(g) + 2B(g) --> C(g) At equilibrium, the concentration of A is 0.246 mol/L. What is the concentration of B at equilibrium? Homework Equations for aA+bB-->cC, K = [C]^c/([A]^a[...
  2. J

    Al has higher 2nd ionisation energy — why?

    Homework Statement The question's in the screenshot attached. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I don't know why (B) would be right. I feel like since for Mg's second ionisation energy, it is going from Na to Ne, and Ne is another energy level, Mg's 2nd ionisation energy should...
  3. J

    Water sometimes drips from the exhaust of a running car....

    Homework Statement You may have noticed that water sometimes drips from the exhaust of a car as it is running. Is this evidence that there is at least a small amount of water originally present in the gasoline? Homework Equations not sure if there is one. The Attempt at a Solution I'm not...
  4. S

    Precipitate lab help

    Homework Statement I have a percipitate lab. We have an unknown sulfate powder that we mixed with water and then added Barium Nitrate in order to get the sulfate out of the mix. The entire sulfate, nitrate mixture was mixed with HCl to make the particles bigger and then it was heated for...
  5. M

    Courses Should I take AP chem?

    As a Junior, I have the option to take AP chem and honors physics. I want to take AP chem very badly but I can't take AP physics without doing honors physics first. I Ultimately want to take AP physics but AP chem seems looks great on a college application. What class should I take?
  6. MegaAmpharos

    Courses Is taking AP Chem and both Physics C's a good idea?

    I got accepted into my states's residential high school and am going there next year for my junior and senior years. For my junior year I am doing: AP English Lang AP US History AP Calc BC AP Chemistry AP Physics C M and EM (combined) AP Comp Sci I am taking these courses to satisfy prereqs...
  7. Astro826

    I really with my course selection for next year!

    Hi guys, I really need help with deciding my courses for next year. Currently, I'm a sophomore in high school rising to a junior next year, and today, we began doing course selections for next year. Now, before I continue, I didn't just start thinking about my courses for next year today. I've...