What is Ap chemistry: Definition and 27 Discussions

Advanced Placement Chemistry (also known as AP Chemistry or AP Chem) is a course and examination offered by the College Board as a part of the Advanced Placement Program to give American and Canadian high school students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and earn college-level credit. AP Chemistry has the distinction of having the lowest known test participation rate, with 49.5% of AP Chemistry students taking the exam in one study. Another, smaller, study found that 52.7% of students enrolled in AP Chemistry took their course's AP test.

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  1. J

    The concentration of B at equilibrium

    Homework Statement For the reaction given below, 2.00 moles of A and 3.00 moles of B are placed in a 6.00L container. A(g) + 2B(g) --> C(g) At equilibrium, the concentration of A is 0.246 mol/L. What is the concentration of B at equilibrium? Homework Equations for aA+bB-->cC, K = [C]^c/([A]^a[...
  2. J

    Al has higher 2nd ionisation energy — why?

    Homework Statement The question's in the screenshot attached. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't know why (B) would be right. I feel like since for Mg's second ionisation energy, it is going from Na to Ne, and Ne is another energy level, Mg's 2nd ionisation energy should be...
  3. J

    Water sometimes drips from the exhaust of a running car....

    Homework Statement You may have noticed that water sometimes drips from the exhaust of a car as it is running. Is this evidence that there is at least a small amount of water originally present in the gasoline? Homework Equations not sure if there is one. The Attempt at a Solution I'm not...
  4. S

    What Metal is in the Unknown Sulfate Sample from the Precipitate Lab?

    Homework Statement I have a percipitate lab. We have an unknown sulfate powder that we mixed with water and then added Barium Nitrate in order to get the sulfate out of the mix. The entire sulfate, nitrate mixture was mixed with HCl to make the particles bigger and then it was heated for...
  5. M

    Courses AP Chem vs Honors Physics: Choosing the Right Course for College Applications

    As a Junior, I have the option to take AP chem and honors physics. I want to take AP chem very badly but I can't take AP physics without doing honors physics first. I Ultimately want to take AP physics but AP chem seems looks great on a college application. What class should I take?
  6. MegaAmpharos

    Courses Is taking AP Chem and both Physics C's a good idea?

    I got accepted into my states's residential high school and am going there next year for my junior and senior years. For my junior year I am doing: AP English Lang AP US History AP Calc BC AP Chemistry AP Physics C M and EM (combined) AP Comp Sci I am taking these courses to satisfy prereqs...
  7. Astro826

    I really with my course selection for next year

    Hi guys, I really need help with deciding my courses for next year. Currently, I'm a sophomore in high school rising to a junior next year, and today, we began doing course selections for next year. Now, before I continue, I didn't just start thinking about my courses for next year today. I've...
  8. T

    What is a mechanism in chemistry and how do I draw it?

    Sorry i am doing this summer research program and I have only taken Chem honors and we did not learn how to dram a mechanism or what a mechanism even is!
  9. H

    AP Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Problem

    Homework Statement The rate of the reaction was studied at a certain temperature. O(g) + NO2(g) --> NO(g) + O2(g) In the first set of experiments, NO2 was in large excess, at a concentration of 1.0 * 10^ 13 molecules/cm3 with the following data collected. time (s) [O] (atoms/cm3) 0...
  10. S

    Take both AP chemistry and AP physics in junior year?

    Hi, I am a high school sophomore and am thinking about what courses I need to register for my junior year. My advisor suggests that I take AP chemistry in junior year and AP physics in senior year. I wonder if I follow this suggestion, I won't have enough knowledge when I take the ACT test in...
  11. T

    AP Chemistry basic reaction problem

    Homework Statement Solutions of cobalt(II) nitrate and sodium hydroxide are mixed. What are the solubility rules for the hydroxides? and it occurs in a aqueous solution Homework Equations I have no idea how to solve these problems from my chem class lasty year and we will be...
  12. K

    AP Chemistry exam question (multi-choice): What should I know?

    This is a multiple choice question supplied by the AP Chemistry Course Description, available at apcentral-dot-collegeboard-dot-com. I'm not sure what you are supposed to know to answer it. http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/repository/ap-chemistry-course-description.pdf...
  13. J

    AP Chemistry homework pleaseee help me

    Homework Statement Aluminum carbonatereacts with 50.0 mL of a .250M solution of Sulfuric Acid to produce alumminum sulfate, carbon dioxode, and liquid water the question is: What is the mass of aluminum carbonate required in grams?
  14. J

    Ap Chemistry: Building (and Breaking) Buffers lab

    Homework Statement Overall goals: Your first task will be to make a buffer solution of defined pH. Part of your grade will be based on how close your solution comes to the desired pH. Your second task will be to titrate your buffer using 0.5 M NaOH or 0.5 M HCl until the buffer “breaks”...
  15. N

    Ap chemistry end of the year ideas

    Homework Statement I get to do a project and paper on anything I want that has to do with chemistry in any way. Homework Equations any The Attempt at a Solution I've thought about doing it on electromagnetism, but I'm not sure where I want to go with it. I thought about doing the...
  16. C

    Should I Consider Taking AP Chemistry for a Future in Paleontology or Biology?

    I am a junior in high school with a 4.1 GPA. I am seriously considering either paleontology or some kind of biology as a major in college. I have read that as a future science major, I should take as many science courses as possible in high school. I know I will need to use chemistry in...
  17. C

    AP Chemistry Test FRQ: Balancing Equations

    I have no idea how to do the balanced equations portion of the FR. I know how to balance equations using stoichiometric coefficients, but not the particular type of "balanced equations" on the AP test. For example: "a small piece of sodium is placed in distilled water" my initial thinking...
  18. C

    AP Chemistry Test / Solubility Rules

    I'm finding a lot of inconsistency with the solubility rules from different sources. especially when it comes to SO4(negative 2 charge). my teacher told me: soluble except when combined with Ca2+, Ba2+, Sr2+, Pb2+... however, other sources sometimes include Hg(II) 2+, and some Ag+, and...
  19. D

    AP Chemistry -two interesting questions - PLEASE HELP

    AP Chemistry -two interesting questions -- PLEASE HELP! Homework Statement 1. You are having some friends over, so you venture to the store to purchase some soda and snacks. Unfortunately the only pop available is at room temp. In order to cool the cans of soda quickly you place the cans in...
  20. L

    Any Suggestions for AP Chemistry Extra Credit Project?

    I'm in AP Chemistry and I'd like to do an extra credit project for this marking period. My teacher welcomes all varieties of extra credit, from posters to videos to research papers to pictures of chemistry in the world, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for a solid extra credit project...
  21. A

    Studying Is self-studying for AP Chemistry even possible?

    Is self-studying for AP Chemistry even possible?? I'm planning on taking Chemistry honors and they teach AP Chem material. However the teacher doesn't teach so I basically need to self-study for the hard tests, labs, and quizzes he gives frequently. Is it possible to spend only an hour each day...
  22. F

    AP chemistry 2006 Form A Questions

    Homework Statement I'm doing #5 in this Ap Chemistry 2006 Form A Free Response Questions. Here's the link http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/student/testing/ap/chemistry/_ap06_frq_chemistry.pdf Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I think i got the first 3...
  23. F

    Where can i get the answer keys for AP Chemistry Free Response Questions?

    Hi, I'm taking AP Chemistry right now and will be taking the Ap Chem Test on May 15. Recently I've found some Ap chemistry free response questions from 2002 to 2006 on [PLAIN]www.Collegeboard.com;[/URL] however they don't have the answer keys to those questions and I'm just clueless on most of...
  24. M

    Why is my AP Chemistry teacher giving incorrect information?

    Has said in the past 4 days: -Our air is 70% oxygen Umm, actually it's 21% -A final exam in a chemistry course at Harvard or Standard had the question "What is the chemical formula for ice?" and 70% of the students got it wrong. I highly doubt it -We cook noodles in salt water because it...
  25. T

    Chemistry Difficult AP Chemistry Question (Titration + Calculating Moles)

    Okay, so I was browsing through an AP chemistry book because I really want to major in either chemistry of physics and want to take advantage over thanksgiving break to get ahead on chemistry because I really love it ^^. So I was wondering if someone could check my work on this problem. Thanks...
  26. J

    AP Biology or AP Chemistry this fall: Which class should I choose?

    Completed Honor Biology in June and doing Chemistry in summer school. Can do only one science class in the fall. AP Biology or AP Chemistry this fall, which one? Thanks for your help.
  27. C

    Calculate Delta H for Four Reactions in AP Chemistry - Need Help ASAP!

    Hello! My first time on here but having massive troubles with my AP Chemistry homework and need help. I have a question that gives four different reactions and I am asked to calculate the (delta)H for each of them. I am given no more information. I am not sure how to go about the problem...