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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

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    Microsoft has just placed an icon on my taskbar inviting me to sign up for my free copy of Windows 10 when it becomes available. Ordinarily I would go for it (upgrades must be better, right?), but given the complaints levelled at Microsoft's last OS I'm not so sure. I currently have Windows 7 which I'm very happy with, and I'm reluctant to risk spoiling my experience. Do any of you with more computing expertise than myself think that Windows 10 looks likely to be worth it?
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    I just got the notification yesterday. I went ahead an reserved my free upgrade because why not?
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    Why would you hold back? They're offering a free upgrade for the first time, and having used Windows 10 via the Insider Preview, it's pretty great. They've listened to a lot of feedback from their Insider program and will continue to do so after the launch of Win 10. I use Windows 8 right now, and really don't understand why people hate it so much.
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    I just got my notification.
    I think I might as well try it, since I still have the win7 installer and can go back if I don't like it.
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    I just got it too. You have to wait until July 29th I think. My dad has been running preview for awhile and he enjoys it. I will be upgrading. The free offer is only for a year I believe.
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    So, I signed-up because it says you can cancel at any time. I'll need to do some research on it before I decide if I'll actually do the upgrade. I like Windows 7 and for software, newer doesn't necessarily mean better.
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    The reason that so many people don't like Win 8 is for its removal of the Start menu (added back in for Win 8.1) and that it presents an over-simplifed view of the file system as rectangular tiles. For anyone who is used to working with a hierarchical file system, many applications, and thousands of files, this arrangement is pretty brain-dead, in my opinion, and in the opinions of a large number of IT pros who didn't upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 at their companies. I sincerely hope that a few heads rolled at MSFT after the sales figures from Win 8 came in.

    The Win 8 UI is OK if you work with only a relatively small number of apps, but terrible if a "flat" file system is too limiting.

    I'm running Win 7 right now on my home desktop, and have have Win 8 on a Surface 1 that I've had for about three years. When Win 10 is released, I will upgrade. Based on what little I've read so far, it seems that the UI is closer to that of Win 7 than Win 8. One important reason to upgrade is that MSFT supports its products for a set number of years. After that time, you can't get support for that product any more.
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    Yeah from what I can tell win 10 is an attempt to fix 8
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    Win 8 seemed to me to be like an attempt to make everything mobile friendly while completely abandoning the expected utilities for a desktop OS.
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    I've been running 8.1 for about a year. I guess I'm used to the new features by now.
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    That and ensure apps run on as many form factors as possible.

    I rarely use the start screen in 8.1. I always use the shortcut key Win + S when I want to launch an app. Using the start screen is difficult with a mouse, although they have tried to make it easy by making it scroll when the mouse reaches the edge of the screen. But the start screen works really well for touch.

    Other than that Win 8/8.1 is mostly like Win 7.
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    IMO, you shouldn't take his word. In the 2nd article, the author has little evidence for his reasoning, and there are no statements from Microsoft fully backing his claims. Even if they were true, I don't see how upgrading is a major problem. You will not have to pay for Windows updates, but like previous releases, you may have to pay if you want to upgrade from a basic version to a pro version. As for the nagware, it will obviously go away after the free period (1 year) expires, and can be easily ignored. Updates to Windows 8.1 will continue after the launch as well. MS would have said something by now if they were going to stop updates for Windows 8.1.

    windowscentral.com is a good site for any reliable news on Windows.

    All Microsoft is doing with this free upgrade is increase and speed up the user adoption, so developers will not see it as a weak platform.
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    I've had Windows 8.1 for a year or so now and I really don't care for it. It seemed cool at first, but now it's just annoying. I basically never use the Start menu or whatever that field of tiles is even called now. I have it set to boot to the desktop, which is where I have all of my programs. I've had issues trying to run basically every older game that I still play, and I've never managed to get the majority of them to even work. I never had issues with ANY game in Windows 7. I loved Windows 7, and I feel like Microsoft basically threw out all of the progress that they've made with their programs with the release of Windows 8.

    I've got the notification icon too, but I haven't reserved anything yet. From everything I've heard, Windows 10 is basically a 'fixed' version of Windows 8. I'm honestly considering just putting Linux on my computer. I'll likely try Windows 10, but unless it's a drastic improvement over 8.1 I don't see myself staying with Windows OS. I've had practically nothing but problems with Windows 8.

    ETA - Well this is ironic. I just clicked on the notification icon just to check it out. The window came up and was loading really slowly...then it greyed out and said 'not responding.' I can't even get it to open up. Maybe I'll try again later when Windows 8 isn't being so temperamental.
  16. Jun 23, 2015 #15
    I'm having windows 8 and to get my free upgrade to win 10 must I have to upgrade to win 8.1?
  17. Jun 23, 2015 #16
    In the mean time , I 'm searching for a light weight Linux operating system, which is more trendy towards academics. Can some 1 suggest 1 for me?
  18. Jun 27, 2015 #17
    You can try Lubuntu, is super ligtweight and its based on ubuntu so you can give it a try.
  19. Jul 2, 2015 #18
    Well I'll try. Thanks. :wink:
  20. Jul 5, 2015 #19
    Thanks, MrWarlock616 ( a bit belatedly -- I have been traveling) for the assurance. It is however precisely your statement that Windows will not pull the trick next year of starting a pay-for-service (including updates, which will become the equivalent of further versions of Windows, for which one does have to pay) that has me worried. It is logical that they would try this -- they have to get their money which will not be incoming due to no longer making Windows 11, 12, etc.They would of course do this after the offer for the free upgrade has expired, so as not to scare people away. They are not doing this for charity.....
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    For slim OS, I would go with Xubuntu . I recently loaded the latest version on a 20 year old desktop and it ran pretty smooth even with the scant resources.

    If you find that 15.04 doesnt work for you, you can try an older version:
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