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Simple introduction to particle physics

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    hello all

    It's probably already been noted but... have people seen the paper hep/th-0810.3328? "A simple introduction to particle physics"?

    It looks like a very nice introduction to the maths behind the development of particle physics for advanced undegraduates and experimental physicists.

    I'm looking forward to the other accounts in the series (even if I dont believe in string theory - do I sound a bit condescending? oops I dont want to! I just believe in LQG instead!)

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    Yeah, looks really good! Thank you, I look forward to the other too.

    (must buy new tones for my printer hehe)

    btw, we have section for tutorials, this will probably be moved to that section.

    Thank you again for your contribution.
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    thanks for your contribution but try your best if you like particle physics, it is funny and difficult.
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