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Simple question

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    does a set with empty interior have measure zero? I think it does...
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    Doesn't the Cantor set have empty interior?
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    ya and I read somewhere that it has measure zero. So this wouldnt be a counterexample.
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    ok i may be wrong on this...
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    The Cantor set does have an empty interior and also has measure zero.

    I never worked with measurable spaces yet, but if I had to guess, I would say a set with empty interior does in fact have measure zero.
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    no actually it says in my book that the standard middle thirds cantor set has measure zero, but not any cantor set. So I guess its incorrect.
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    come on guys, look at the set of irrational numbers betwen 0 and 1. what is the interior? what is the measure?

    take your book and put it under your coffee cup while you think about this.
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