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Simplify -2rh-h^2+2r/h

  1. Jan 13, 2005 #1
    I'm trying to simplify -2rh-h^2+2r/h

    can I simplify this anymore by canceling out the h, or is that not correct. Also, I don't believe I can factor out the h in the numerator because it's not in all 3 on top, is that correct?
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    Yes,it cannot be factored,since it's missing from one of the terms of the sum.
    However,it can be split into 2 fractions and "symplified"...

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    Assuming you mean [itex]\frac{-2rh- h^2+ 2r}{h}[/itex], then, yes, you cannot simplify by cancelling. If this is a difference quotient and you want to take a limit as h goes to 0 then you have a problem! That limit will only exist if the numerator is also 0 when h= 0.
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