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Simplified Chinese characters (简化字; jiǎnhuàzì) are standardized Chinese characters used in Mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore, as prescribed by the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters. Along with traditional Chinese characters, they are one of the two standard character sets of the contemporary Chinese written language. The government of the People's Republic of China in mainland China has promoted them for use in printing since the 1950s and 1960s to encourage literacy. They are officially used in the People's Republic of China and Singapore, while traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong, Macau, the Republic of China (Taiwan) as well as South Korea to a certain extent, and occasionally in the Chinese community of Malaysia and Singapore.
Simplified Chinese characters may be referred to by their official name above or colloquially 简体字; jiǎntǐzì. In its broadest sense, the latter term refers to all characters that have undergone simplifications of character "structure" or "body", some of which have existed for millennia alongside regular, more complicated forms. On the other hand, the official name refers to the modern systematically simplified character set, which (as stated by then-Chairman Mao Zedong in 1952) includes not only structural simplification but also substantial reduction in the total number of standardized Chinese characters.Simplified character forms were created by reducing the number of strokes and simplifying the forms of a sizable proportion of Chinese characters. Some simplifications were based on popular cursive forms embodying graphic or phonetic simplifications of the traditional forms. Some characters were simplified by applying regular rules, for example, by replacing all occurrences of a certain component with a simplified version of the component. Variant characters with the same pronunciation and identical meaning were reduced to a single standardized character, usually the simplest amongst all variants in form. Finally, many characters were left untouched by simplification and are thus identical between the traditional and simplified Chinese orthographies.
A second round of simplifications was promulgated in 1977, but was later retracted in 1986 for a variety of reasons, largely due to the confusion caused and the unpopularity of the second round simplifications.In August 2009, the PRC began collecting public comments for a modified list of simplified characters. The new Table of General Standard Chinese Characters consisting of 8,105 (simplified and unchanged) characters was officially implemented for use by the State Council of the People's Republic of China on June 5, 2013.

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  1. polyglot

    Simplifying Boolean expressions

    This is the first time I am doing logic so the question is probably stupid, but could I just factorise (p∨t)∧[(r v¬r] or perhaps you cannot do that in Boolean algebra?
  2. MatinSAR

    Please check my calculations with these complex numbers

    $$Re(e^{2iz}) = Re(\cos(2z)+i\sin(2z))=\cos(2z)$$$$e^{i^3} = e^{-i}$$ $$\ln (\sqrt 3 + i)^3=\ln(2)+i(\dfrac {\pi}{6}+2k\pi)$$ Can't I simplify these more? Are they correct? Final one:## (1+3i)^{\frac 1 2}## Can I write in in term of ##\sin x## and ##\cos x## then use ##(\cos x+i\sin x)^n=\cos...
  3. L

    Determine torque on a dipole and quadrupole (in external E-Field)

    For the dipole moment I calculated $$\begin{aligned} M &= \int \rho(\mathbf{r}) \mathbf{r} \times \mathbf{E}(\mathbf{r}) d^{3} \mathbf{r} \\ \mathbf{E}(\mathbf{r}) &\approx \mathbf{E}(\mathbf{0}) + \sum_{i=1}^{3} \nabla E_{i}(\mathbf{0}) \cdot \mathbf{r} \\ \mathbf{M}_{D} &= \mathbf{p} \times...
  4. J

    How to simplify \nabla (A.v) in the derivation of Lorentz force?

    I know that ##∇(A⋅v)=(A⋅∇)⋅v+(v⋅∇)⋅A+v×(∇×A)+A×(∇×v)## The third term ##v×(∇×A)## simplifies to ##v×B##. I'm just now sure how to "get rid" of the other terms. I tried checking for some vector identities but couldn't make any headways. Any guidance?
  5. barryj

    How can I simplify 1/cuberoot(2)?

    I know that 1/sqrt(2) can be multiplied by sqrt(2)/sqrt(2) to give sqrt(2)/2 How can I do something similar with 1/cuberoot(2) ?? What is the trick?
  6. murshid_islam

    I Is there any way to simplify my proof by induction?

    I'm trying to prove the statement ##n^2 + 1 < n!## for ##n \geq 4##. My proof by induction looks way too contrived. Is there a way to simplify it? Here's what I got. For n = 4, ##n^2 + 1 = 17 < 4!##. So, the statement is true for n = 4. Now let's assume it's true for n = k, that is, ##k^2 + 1 <...
  7. crememars

    Simplify this expression for the period

    hi ! I'm having a lot of trouble simplifying my expression for one of my homework questions. I know someone asked about this homework problem already, but the answers didn't really help me figure out how to simplify it.. I really have no idea what steps to take, and I've even consulted all my...
  8. Addez123

    Unable to simplify dS (Stokes' theorem)

    Basically surface B is a cylinder, stretching in the y direction. Surface C is a plane, going 45 degrees across the x-y plane. Drawing this visually it's self evident that the normal vector is $$(1, 1, 0)/\sqrt 2$$ Using stokes we can integrate over the surface instead of the line. $$\int A(r)...
  9. Z

    Maple Why can't Maple simplify this further?

    I am evaluating this formula, it's real value is 0. but maple can't further simplify it?
  10. M

    Mathematica How to simplify expressions in Mathematica with log and exp in them?

    Hi, This is a pretty simple question, but I am new to Mathematica so I am not sure if I am missing something obvious. Question: How do I make the expression ## e^{log(z)} ## return z? Attempt: I have used all of the following combinations and all of them return ## e^{log(z)}##. Are there any...
  11. altruan23

    Engineering OPamp circuit - how to simplify this term?

    So this is the circuit. And here i tried to calculate Uout/ Uin , any suggestion how to simplify this term?? I used Uout= Uin * (1+ Z2/Z1)
  12. karush

    MHB 1.1.21 simplify rational expression

    simplify $\left(\dfrac{a^2b^3-2a^{-3}b^3}{2a}\right)^2=$ OK this could get confusing quickly but I don't think we want to square it first
  13. karush

    MHB 8.aux.27 Simplify the trig expression

    $\tiny{8.aux.27}$ Simplify the expression $\dfrac{{\cos 2x\ }}{{\cos x-{\sin x\ }\ }} =\dfrac{{{\cos}^2 x-{{\sin}^2 x\ }\ }}{{\cos x\ }-{\sin x\ }} =\dfrac{({\cos x}-{\sin x})({\cos x}+{\sin x\ })}{{\cos x}-{\sin x}} =\cos x +\sin x$ ok spent an hour just to get this and still not sure suggestions?
  14. Leo Liu

    How to simplify an iterated trigonometric expression

    eg ##\cos (\sin x)## Asking this question out of curiosity.
  15. N

    Simplify An Expression Containing Absolute Values

    See attachment. I don't understand the solution given by David Cohen. I am sure this is a shortcut explanation. I don't like shortcut explanations. 1. What in the problem indicates that x > 1? 2. What in the problem indicates that x < 2?
  16. Y

    How to simplify this complex expression?

    I don't know how to start with the factorization. $$\frac{(-1)^{2/9} + (-3/2 - \frac{i}{2} \sqrt{3})^{(1/3)}}{(-1)^{2/9}- (-3/2 - \frac{i}{2} \sqrt{3})^{(1/3)}}$$ Any hints would be nice. Thank you.
  17. cwill53

    Using the solid angle to simplify an integral when deriving Gauss' Law

    I'm a bit confused on the derivation above. I understand what the goal of the derivation is, as it derives Gauss's Law using the solid angle, but i was wondering if someone could kind of fill in the steps the author skipped and explain the use of the solid angle.
  18. ElectronicTeaCup

    Simplify this term—best approach?

    I'm not sure how to simplify this without spending a lot of time on it. Is there a pattern that I need to weed out?
  19. Frigus

    How to simplify this capacitor circuit?

    I tried to find logic behind how do we simplified the circuit as given for 2 hours and I unable to find any clue. I can do it just by following rules but I am unable to get intuition. I tried to make sense of it but how can we even make two points as one.
  20. S

    Simplifying expressions using Euler's formula

    The following is the questions given. I solved the first one, which steps are shown below. But I am not sure if this is how the question wants me to solve the problem. Would you tell me if the way I solved the problem is the proper way of simplifying the expression using euler's formula...
  21. G

    How to expand this ratio of polynomials?

    I could simplify the expressions in the numerator and denominator to (1+x^n)/(1+x) as they are in geometric series and I used the geometric sum formula to reduce it. Now for what value of n will it be a polynomial? I do get the idea for some value of n the simplified numerator will contain the...
  22. jisbon

    Using Demorgan's Theoroem to Simplify C'+D'+A'B'CD

    Hi all, I'm new to Demorgan's theorem and hence am dumbfounded on how people actually simplify the equation by just looking at it. I was wondering if there are any tricks to doing so and I will appreciate it if someone can teach me. In the example of this question, what I can only simply come...
  23. Addez123

    Substitute, simplify, and then solve for Z

    By substitution I've solved that $$z_u = 0$$ (which is correct according to textbook) which leads me to try find z by integrating $$z = \int z_v \,(dv ?)$$ and I'm just stuck here. Dont know how to integrate that.
  24. A

    Partial Differential Equations result -- How to simplify trig series?

    Solve the boundary value problem Given u_{t}=u_{xx} u(0, t) = u(\pi ,t)=0 u(x, 0) = f(x) f(x)=\left\{\begin{matrix} x; 0 < x < \frac{\pi}{2}\\ \pi-x; \frac{\pi}{2} < x < \pi \end{matrix}\right. L is π - 0=π λ = α2 since 0 and -α lead to trivial solutions Let u = XT X{T}'={X}''T...
  25. S

    Simplify this fraction containing imaginary numbers

    i can get to 3i+1/1-3i but no further. I take it this is the correct way to start
  26. M

    How should I simplify this product expression?

    I see that when n is an even number, the product can be represented as ## \frac {2n} {(n+1)} ##. When n is an odd number, the denominator seems to be changing and I am not able to define an expression for it. How should I go about solving this? Thanks
  27. D

    MHB Simplify a+b+c+d+2(ab+ac+ad+bc+bd+cd)+4(abc+abd+acd+bcd)+8(abcd)

    four variables a,b,c,d here is the equation: a+b+c+d+2(ab+ac+ad+bc+bd+cd)+4(abc+abd+acd+bcd)+8(abcd) wondering if this can be simplified to something much smaller
  28. L

    How does this composite function simplify to 2(2^x) ?

    f(x)=2xand g(x)=2^x Find the composite function of fg(x) fg(x) =f(g(x)) =f(2^x) =2(2^x) I don’t understand how this in turn equals to 2^(x+1) [Moderator's note: Moved from a technical forum and thus no template.]
  29. P

    MHB Simplify (√3 + 2√5)²: Step-by-Step Guide

    How? Taken from HiSet free practice test
  30. M

    MHB Therefore 2√5 + 2√5 = 4√5How can I simplify this square root fraction?

    Hi I have to simplify this square root fraction: 10/√5 + √20 The answer is 4√5, but I do not get to that answer. Please help.
  31. R

    Algebra: simplify 3m+2k+m

    3m+m=4m 4m +2k =6mk Is this correct, help please if not correct Thanks
  32. D

    MHB Simplify expression with laws of indices

    Helping my daughter with her math and hit this one and not sure how to advise. All help welcome(x-2y10)3 / (x-4yz4)-5 This one throws me off because I don't know how to deal with the z, as only on the right side of the divide
  33. O

    I Can Euler Integration Simplify Chaotic Systems?

    Hey, I have this chaotic system. It is a modified Hamiltonian Chaotic System and it is based on Henon-Heiles chaotic system. So I have this functions (as shown below). I want to know how can I make it as a discrete function. Like, how can I know the value for x dot and y dot. 1. Prefer to know...
  34. F

    Simplify the Boolean expression

    Homework Statement [/B] Homework Equations [/B] The Attempt at a Solution Could someone check my answer please ?
  35. F

    Simplify the Boolean expression

    Homework Statement Simplify the Boolean expression : Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Here is my work : Could someone check my answer please ?
  36. Aleoa

    Simplifying Combination Formula: \binom{n}{\frac{n}{2}} using Factorial Formula

    I'm trying to simplify the combination defined as : \binom{n}{\frac{n}{2}}. I did some calculations, starting from the factorial formula \frac{n!}{(\frac{n}{2})!(\frac{n}{2})!} and i found this form : 2^{n}(1-\frac{1}{n})(1-\frac{1}{n-2})(1-\frac{1}{n-4})... but i don't know how to continue...
  37. C

    MHB How to Simplify Rational Expressions with Variables: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Problem 1: 1 / (2x-y) - 2 / (x+2y) = ? The answer is: (4y-3x) / (2x^2+3xy-2y^2) Please explain.Problem 2: f(x) = 4x/(1-x) and g(x) - 2/x, then f(g(x)) = ? The answer is 8/(x-2) Please explain.Problem 3: Square Root of a / (1+ Square Root of a) = ? The answer is (Square Root of a - a)...
  38. SamRoss

    B How does r∪(-p∩q∩-r) simplify to r∪(-p∩q) ?

    How does r∪(-p∩q∩-r) simplify to r∪(-p∩q) ? The second expression is just the first with the "-r" gone at the end. I'm not seeing how to get from the first expression to the second using any of the basic laws like distribution, de morgan, tautology, etc. What am I missing?
  39. B

    MHB Simplify a fractional expression

    Please help with this algebra II question. It needs to be simplified. Thank you.
  40. neilparker62

    I Simplify the Dirac Energy Equation?

    In the above equation for Dirac energy, is it trivial to note that given: Principal quantum number n Orbital angular momentum quantum number l(max) = n - 1 Total angular momentum quantum number j = l + 1/2 = n - 1/2 Then nr = n - j - 1/2 = n - (n - 1/2) - 1/2 = 0 and the energy expression...
  41. A

    A How to simplify the solution of the following linear homogeneous ODE?

    During solution of a PDE I came across following ODE ## \frac{d \bar h}{dt} + \frac{K}{S_s} \alpha^2 \bar h = -\frac{K}{S_s} \alpha H h_b(t) ## I have to solve this ODE which I have done using integrating factor using following steps taking integrating factor I=\exp^{\int \frac{1}{D} \alpha^2...