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Simulation low frequency ferrite core recieving antenna

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    Hi everybody
    i want to simulate, low frequency ferrite core receiving antenna . but i cant find a good and complete software or method to do this.
    what is your suggestion or experience?
    thanks for your attention.
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    Welcome to PF.

    We need more details to give better advice.
    What frequency band will you cover?

    What simulation do you require? Antenna pattern or electrical interface?

    The antenna pattern will be a simple dipole.
    You can model the ferrite rod as an inductor or a transformer with inductance.
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    thank you.
    i want to calculate Gain and pattern and i try to do this with CST EM studio. but it can'nt give me a correct figure-8 pattern.
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    The modelling of a multi-turn coil with a ferrite rod core will be difficult with FEM. Some things are better approximated by simpler models.

    The radiation pattern will be a figure 8 just like a small loop.
    I would suggest you try to model a single turn about the middle of the ferrite rod.

    If you cannot get that to work, post the model and poor result as attachments to a post.
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