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Sine wave equation into Java Code

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    I have been trying to implement this Wave equation into java:

    A = amplitude of wave
    L = wave length
    w = spatial angular frequency
    s = speed
    wt = temporal angular frequency
    d = direction
    FI = initiatory phase

    Y(x,y,t)=A*cos(w *(x,y)+ wt*t + FI;

    I understand that it returns a Vector. But i am unsure as to what this section of the formula means:

    w *(x,y)

    I believe that w is a vector. But im not whether its a 3d Vector or 2d Vector, and how it is used.
    If you have time, could you please explain this formula to me? Thank you


    Thank You!
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    Added missing bracket.

    So far as I can tell, [itex]w[/itex] is the wavenumber and is a 2D vector, and "w * (x, y)" is the scalar product [itex]\vec w \cdot (x,y)[/itex].
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