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Sinusoidal Voltage and frequency?

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    Does the frequency of a sinusoidal voltage or current attribute anything? Maybe more power?

    All I know so far is that you can filter certain frequencies out with filter circuits.
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    yes....when working with tuned circuits, your maximum power will be at the frequency of the tuned circuit.

    nearly all systems have a frequency response and if you match your input signals to that of the system, then you will have the least resistance or should i say impedance and maximum power transfer.

    Filters are used to discriminate between signals. some you want to get rid of and some you want to keep.
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    In addition to deakie's comments, if you are putting a sinusoidal voltage across a capacitance, then yes, the higher the frequency, the higher the power required to maintain the same peak-to-peak voltage.

    Quiz Question for iflabs -- starting with the equation relating current and voltage in a capacitor ( I = C dV/dt ), show that my statement is true.
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