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Sloan Deep Carbon Cycle Workshop

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    I have been interested in atmospheric CO2 variance on geological time scales for sometime. There are multiple paradoxes associated with trying to explain what could cause massive cyclic rapid CO2 changes in the atmosphere.

    There appears to be multiple fundamental errors in terms of what is the source of carbon in the earth's atmosphere, where it replenished from, and the carbon cycle.

    This thread is to discuss specifically the Sloan Deep Carbon Cycle Workshop, rather than to argue about global warming or the formation of commercial hydrocarbons.

    I would note that the US department of energy is sponsoring the Sloan research. The US department of Energy are I would assume funding the research as it likely could have commercial implications. Let's, however, defer discussing the commercial implications of the Sloan research, until we have listened to the speakers to determine what are the observations and past research in this area. I have copied links to a couple of the lectures and link to the Sloan conference which has links to more lectures.

    I have three additional paradoxes which I believe are linked. If the source of the atmosphere's Carbon is deep source carbon, why during some specific geological periods is it cyclically varying? i.e. What is forcing the change? (There is evidence the forcing mechanism is the cause of other geological paradoxes.) What attenuates and controls the forcing mechanism?

    When we have made progress on Deep Carbon and the Carbon cycle I will start threads to discuss the other paradoxes.


    http://www.gl.ciw.edu/deep_carbon_project [Broken]

    http://www.gl.ciw.edu/sites/dev.gl.ciw.edu/files/videos/sloandeepcarbon/SessionICohen.mp4 [Broken]

    http://www.gl.ciw.edu/sites/dev.gl.ciw.edu/files/presentations/sloandeepcarbon/SessionIPlotnikova.ppt [Broken]

    Sloan Deep Carbon Cycle Workshop

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    This is a link to a set of Apple movies of the lectures at the Sloan Deep Carbon conference.

    http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browse/ciw-public.2172950308.02172950310.2209532129?i=1084163271 [Broken]

    I have been listening to the lectures and have comments concerning the Sloan lectures and some recent published papers.
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    This is interesting.


    Vladimir Kutcherov, Anton Kolesnikov, and Alexander Goncharov’s research work was recently published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience.


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