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Smolin-TWOP on string theory does not reproduce time dependant phenomenon

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    While I cannot now offer a page #, Smolin in TWOP offers his assessment of string theory as a theory of QG by pointing out that while GR does offer quantitative predictions of time dilation effects, string theory does not (if I understood Smolin correctly).

    Any comments?
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    Get your page reference and exact quote, we can't have a discussion based on vague hearsay, with no assurance that you got the correct impression from what you read.

    Maybe someone else can get a page reference and quote for this. I don't remember seeing what you say you saw in the book, but someone else may.

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    Smolin was alluding to this:


    "Yet another central problem of string theory is that the best understood backgrounds of string theory preserve much of the supersymmetry of the underlying theory, which results in time-invariant space-times: currently string theory cannot deal well with time-dependent, cosmological backgrounds."

    Smolin argues that the above failure is why string theory is NOT a theory of QG.

    Personally there is no guarantee that the 11D of strings will hide away 4 large smooth dimensions. The so-called semiclassical limit of string QG is as far away as in LQG.
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