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So, what about religious freedom vs. social accountability?

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    So, what's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the term religious freedom?
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    For me, the first thing I think of is 'freedom from religion'.
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    well at the moment the first thing that pops into my head is; what demon spawn risen from the flaming pits of hell forgot about the http://www.dol.gov/cfbci/?!?

    but i suppose i should leave that line of augment for the political forums.

    as for the religious side, although i am not an atheist like Zero; i have to agree with him on this account. it would be cool to have such things; as it stands our own twisted abomination of "religious freedom" has done much to remove previously held standards of social accountability. see politcal argument above. :wink:
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    When I think of religious freedom, based on extensive firsthand experience in the bible belt, I think of the persistence with which religious types use subtle and unsubtle methods to force the unsuspecting to absorb their message, values and lifestyle.

    If you are not from a church background and are thrown into a church environment, it can be frightening and stifling because church folks do not give you the right to disagree or not believe. They demand that you convert, shut up or go elsewhere.
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    I think of the libertarian idea that you are free to believe, do, or say anything you like so long as it does not harm or endanger others.
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    just add "...without agreeing with others of your faith that it is gods will to harm or endanger others."

    and N_Quire, i have spent my share of time in the heart of the bible belt as well; it is a vile and wretched place of evil. :wink:
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    I was going to say what Zero said, but he beat me to it.

    <sticks tongue out at Zero>
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    Re: Re: So, what about religious freedom vs. social accountability?

    Does this stance take into account people who break trivial laws or cause self harm as a result of their faith?
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    Great minds think alike...and so do we!
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    The problem in America, I think, is that religious groups have so much freedom that any restriction at all feels like oppression. It goes well with the general persecution complex that so many religions prey on.
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    Re: Re: Re: So, what about religious freedom vs. social accountability?

    If a person breaks a law, he can still be considered as indirectly harming others - the breaking of the regulations that make up society inevitably weakens it, and the damage to society is usually transferable to the rest of the people. Of course, this also depends on how good the society was in terms of the will of the people in the first place... It's not so clearly divided.

    Self-harm? Hmm... You cannot use this restriction in religious freedom. What people want to do to themselves is up to them. IMHO, at least.
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    Well, this is a good subject. I've gotten myself in an interesting posistion. You see, I work for a company in which My boss and a co-workers are very very religous. I have to bite my tounge and listen to there preaching, read their word of the day's, and in general act as if I'm a religous person. I'm actually quite afraid to admit my feelings on the subject, as I know it will make a big difference in there opinion of me.

    And really, this seems messed up. It seems I should be able to freely admit I'm an atheist without a person trying to put anointing oil on me or cut me with the "sword" (There way of saying reading the bible or Testifying I suppose"

    On a side note, this is kinda related. I was thinking about founding a new religion in which I would worship the Speed God. The only way for me to Pray is by acheiving a speed of 100mph or more. When the cops pull me over, do you think I could get out of it by screaming religous persecution?
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    Tits. Thats always the first thing that pops into my head.
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    Re: Re: So, what about religious freedom vs. social accountability?

    That's a residual infant instinct though
  17. Apr 30, 2003 #16
    I am glad that BAAList are not still killing and burning babys for their god!!!
    or that aztec's are not still killing POW's to insure the sun will rize each day
    and claiming "RIGHTS" to do so under religious FREEDOM LAWS!!!!!

    but some cults of abrahams god still hurt themselfs and others, but we donot do that here in the USA much, excpt, snake handlers and santrea killing animals is about as bad as the locals get mostly!!

    esp in limiting learning and banning research that could save lives, even if not actively killing, they still are harmfull!!!

    btw my religion is the most persequted
    by goverments world wide,
    as a hippy I do belive in sex and drugs and rock&roll but most goverments bann and condem my holy trinty, all or in part so where is my freedom to follow my belifes??????????
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