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News Social Democracy or Democratic Socialism?

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    After having read the articles about these two terms on Wikipedia, and having researched it on other Websites, I cannot conclude there is any consensus definition regarding the origin of these political movements and their exact definition and meaning. I was wondering if anybody here could help to elucidate the meaning of these (synonymous?) terms.
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    Here's a link that might be helpful..
    http://www.etext.org/Politics/AlternativeOrange/2/v2n3_sdvr.html [Broken]
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    Thanks, very interesting.
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    Curious6, I wonder if you've ever heard of 'democratic centralism', the form of democracy outlined by Lenin and Trotsky and applied in the early years after the Russian Revolution? It is quite a difficult concept to understand, and its application was not without problems, but here are some extracts providing information about it. This is how, I imagine, democratic socialism would work in practice:
    An excerpt outlining how democratic centralism works in practice - from Trotsky’s On Democratic-Centralism & The Regime:
    And here is another extract - from Appendix I of Trotsky’s work The New Course:
    And a more contemporary explanation, as well as a critique of how it was misapplied by the Stalinist regime (much like 'liberal democracy' is sometimes misused today):
    The last reference is an interesting read, Curious6, but it is too long to copy all the relevant bits here.
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    Thanks for the links alexandra. I had read about democratic centralism before, but hadn't read those links you posted. Anyways, makes for a good read. Right now I am reading about the history of socialism, and how the distinct currents diverged from one another.
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