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Aerospace Software for designing an aerofoil

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    Hi ,i am doing an project 'Designing a wing' ,Can anyone please tell me which software do we use for designing a wing,i searched on the web but didn't find the appropriate one.

    many thanks.
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    What are you trying to calculate? Do you just want to draw a wing with a CAD program?

    Please provide more information.

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    It's relatively straightforward to write a program to calculate airfoil lift coefficients using a source or vortex panel method.
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    i want to calculate the lift ,speed n drag
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    Do you even know what you are doing? My guess is no and that you are going to click buttons on whatever program you get your hands on.
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    i need to compare the aerofoils that i made with the NACA airfoils,How does each factor affects the lift
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    I hear COMSOL has a module for these things.
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