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Software/hardware for signal recording?

  1. Nov 6, 2006 #1
    Im trying to record about 1 second of a page signal from a cordless phone (later I might need to do this to the DTMF tones as well) so I can play it back and send it to a signal generator.

    I am using a VSA from Agilent, but Im not sure if it can record a full second with the bandwidths I am using.

    My span is about 50 kHz and I have a resolution bandwidth of 1kHz (I may change this to 10 or 30 kHz though)...

    If anyone knows some good hardware/software for recording and playing back signals please let me know....

    And some software that can record, decode, and create DTMF signals would be a nice bonus as well.

    If anyone has any info Id really appreciate it.

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    Are you talking about recording the sound the cordless phone makes when it's paged?

    The web should be absolutely littered with DTMF tone generators. You can probably write one with ten lines of a language like Python.

    - Warren
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    Im talking about recording the paging signal itself...in its FM format as transmitted.

    Sure they are out there...but it never hurts to ask.
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    Well, I suppose you'd need a radio receiver and oscilloscope to "record" the radio signal itself.

    Why don't you just duplicate the hardware the cordless phone base station uses to generate the page signal? That'd probably be much easier than trying to "record" and "play back" the RF signal.

    - Warren
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    Thats the basic idea...you can use a spectrum analyzer as a basic receiver (to demodulate the signal and strip the carrier off) and then record with an oscilloscope...but the scope I currently have cant really do a recording like I need it to....

    That could be done, but the application I am using it for would be better served with recording and playback capability. Id explain, but unforutnately I really cant give any specifics.
  7. Nov 19, 2006 #6
    Thanks for all the replies....

    I decided to use Adobe Audition and it is working out pretty good.

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