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Solar laser (for the lack of abetter word)

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    solar "laser" (for the lack of abetter word)

    Im new here so Im sorry if this is in the wrong spot. but i was wondering if it would possible to take a sun tunnel and like a laser have a partial mirror at one end and a mirror at one end reflecting light back and forth then take fiber optic cabling to disperse light through out where ever. i guess it would would but i think what Im trying to ask is would it be efficient?
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    Re: solar "laser" (for the lack of abetter word)

    No it wouldn't introduce anything except extra losses. It most definitely would not achieve any form of "light amplification" like a laser
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    Re: solar "laser" (for the lack of abetter word)

    Welcome to PF, Techtakular.
    The problem with sunlight is that it consists of the entire spectrum. A laser is restricted to a very narrow range of frequencies (you can consider it monochromatic), which is why stimulated emission of similar photons occurs.
    Considering the losses that you would suffer with your design idea, you'd be farther ahead to simply reflect the sunlight to where you want it by the shortest possible route.
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    Re: solar "laser" (for the lack of abetter word)

    i kind of figured as much, just goes to show i have way to much time on my hands, lol thanks
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