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Solenoid Electricity Generator

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to generate enough current using a solenoid to intermittently power an LED. My plan is to buy some enameled copper wire and wind it around pipe. This will be my solenoid. Then, magnets will be pulled through the pipe on string or what-not and, by Faraday's Law of Induction, an EMF will be generated.

    I understand that this EMF will be sporadic. It will depend on the number of windings and the strength of the magnets that are pulled through. Do you think it could be enough to intermittently light an LED?
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    There is a much more efficient way to use the windings and the magnet(s). When you look at the arrangement of the rotor and stator in a generator (or motor), do you see how you can make your generator more efficient?
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    Unfortunately I have serious design constraints for the application I'm looking at. The most important constraint is that I need to be able to drag or pull the magnet through the solenoid.
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    You can buy this...look up "Shake Charge Flashlight" -
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