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Homework Help: Solid sphere and hollow sphere rolled down an inclined plane

  1. Oct 20, 2015 #1
    A solid sphere and a hollow one of same mass and radii are rolled down a rough inclined plane.
    Which of the following is true?
    (A) solid sphere reaches bottom with greater speed.
    (B) solid sphere reaches the bottom with greater kinetic energy.

    ( I know that option A is correct.Thus I felt that B should also be correct.
    However A is the only option given in the book as correct. Please help)
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    Why do you think the kinetic energy of the solid sphere is greater? Because of its higher velocity? If this is the case, maybe another look at the statement helps: it says ' [...] are rolled down [...] '.
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    See the above but even in that case V at the end = V initial + the acceleration due to gravity that is experienced by both balls; or, is there something else I am also missing?
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    Mister T

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    Please use the template so we can help you.
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