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Solid state technology/electronics textbook?

  1. Dec 25, 2006 #1
    I am doing a directed study in solid state technology next semester and I need to find a book I would like to use. The professor mentioned this textbook by ben streetman. I have been reading through it myself and while it is a decent book, I figure there might be something better out there for this subject. The link to the streetman book is below.


    The professor asked me if I had a preference for a book. I would be fine with streetman (the prof already has a copy too), but if there's something better then I'd like to use it.

    This is a field that I would like to get into and study in further depth, so I want to use the best book possible. Something rigorous, yet reader friendly.

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    Streetman's book is the standard text used by engineers for solid state theory. For supplemental reading, look into S. M. Sze (for solid state devices) and Kittel or Ashcroft & Mermin (for solid state physics).
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    I am also taking a condesned matter physics course that uses 'the physics of solids', by richard turton.


    Is this a good book for a consensed matter course? Will this course supplement the solid state technology course? Are the two courses too similar? One of an engineering class and the other is a physics class.
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    This is quite unusual. Is this course being offered by the physics dept or by some engineering dept? Turton's book (which I've never read, myself) is also typically used by engineers, to the best of my knowledge.

    If you intend to specialize in anything but solid state devices or a materials related field, the two courses would be too similar to each other to be a good use of time and money. If, however, you do plan to specialize in solid state technology, then this combination could be useful.
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    I plan to specialize in solid state tech and the condensed matter course is offered by the physics department. So, I guess having these two courses will help me master the subject, but if they overlap a great deal then maybe I should reconsider taking both of these...I will talk to the professors teaching the course...

    I guess my question is, is the turton book going to give me a proper education in condensed matter physics, from a physicist's perspective, including subjects like superconductivity?
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