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Solving equation in C

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    in my homework i got a question that told me to solve the following equation in C
    can someone tell me what is this question? what is it means "to solve in C"? i know(if i am right) that C is the field of complex numbers but i don't realy gets what is going on with that question.

    i am not asking for a solution at all i just want to know what is it and where i can read about the subject of this question.
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    I'm pretty sure it means to solve for z, with z being a complex number.
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    i just don't understand what it means. can you explain me or show me where i can read about equations like that?
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    Your textbook, for starters. Surely they must have an example of finding the complex roots in an equation.
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    ... and it is a trick question. See if you can reduce the fraction (remember that i2 = -1).
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