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Solving smbolic equation in matlab

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    dear users
    I must do alot of calculation and after that,I arrive to an equation in which one side is a number (forexample 330) and the other side of equation is expression in terms of "m"
    I want to solve the equation for "m"
    But when I ren my cide in matlab it gives error that a symbolic parameter cannot sum with nember and...
    So I want to give different values of m (in a special Interval) in a numerical way and each time, it chek whether for that special "m" both sides of equation become equal or not,and when it finds that "m" that converg both sides of equation, it shows that m.
    so haw can I do it? what should I add to my code?
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    As a general rule, posting code is much easier than describing code.
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