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Some messed up stuff!

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    Hey if there is another einstein on this site please tell me why this thing works....it reeeeeaaaads your mind BRO! Here the link...http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/mindreader.htm :eek:
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    I'm no Einstein, but look at all the multiples of 9. The program just tricks you, it switches the symbols that are multiples of 9 and not the others.....

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    I see that your a physics major....Me too....So, how do you like it?. I go to the University of Missouri. What year are you? Well good luck...

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    Thats pretty neat. But I know how its done. The only possible values you can come up with are 81, 72, 63, 45, 36, 27, 18, 9 and what do you know, all those numbers have the same symbols. That symbol just changes and thats how they fool you. I admit it had be fooled for a minute.
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    Hey parker, yeah I am a physics major, just got done with first year and calc1 so ill be taking physics 1 this fall...I started readn and doin problems alredy.Im goin to a jr college now. I will be goin to university of maryland college park in the spring..its a good physics school. What year are you and what physics and math classes are you taking?
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