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Some Questions pestering me , Help!

  1. Dec 17, 2006 #1
    Hello friends i am weired in these questing , please help!! .

    1. What does negative current means , you can see AC current as sin wave graph means
    ac goes +ve 1st then -ve & same process keep going , if you're gonna say that -ve current means flow of current in charge flow direction then it means charge does vibrating which means wire is producing electromagnetic waves ?? right

    2. suppose that if have a resistance & a (resistance+capacitance) in parallel
    if we connect a dc batter in that || circuit . from which arm will current flow?
    (from resistance arm or (resistance+capacitance) arm) & why?

    3. what does voltage means ? , if voltage is high what & why happens in circuit??


    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!! :tongue2:
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    1. Yeah, negative current just means opposite direction (eg. to the arrows on some diagram).

    2. At first (the current alternates from off to on) some current will flow to both arms, but once the capacator charges the flow to that arm will stop.

    3. If you consider an analogy to water flow, voltage/potential is a bit like pressure, it increases the current through narrow resistors..
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    And yeah, an ac does produce electromagnetic waves...
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