Song for yall

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  3. Evo

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    Great lyrics.
  4. Re: Re: Song for yall

    Lol, you don't read Chinese do you?
  5. Evo

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    Re: Re: Re: Song for yall

    Not even in my dreams.

    So, are you going to give us non-Chinese speaking people a translation? :smile:
  6. In my heart there was a dream,

    That is to sing so you may forget your miseries,

    (In) starful skies who is the true hero

    Common people give me the most passion

    No more hate, no more sorrow,

    May there is love in every corner,

    We sing for your smile,

    Wish your life be special from this point on,

    Use every minute,

    To fulfull our dream with full throtle, If not through storm

    How can we see rainbow. Not everyone can be successful just like that

    Use every passion in life,

    Hug close friends,

    Let true words and happy tears

    be in my heart moving.

    -- Text to Text translation, ... and is very hard to understand because Chinese to english is hard.
  7. Evo

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    Very nice song Prudens. :smile:
  8. Song [click the button on the bottom right corner in order to start]

    Well, the melody of this song is exactly the same as the one that I like but the lyrics are different. :smile:
  9. Now that there is a song there might as well be a musical to supplement it. *can vaguely imagine a musical about Physics Forums* Would be interesting.
  10. jimmy p

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    is it a song written for Jackie Chan??

    Coming from you Prudens i would have thought it would be a song about a girl or something! :wink:
  11. Monique

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    What are these lyrics about KL?
  12. Hey! Tom, I think you liked that you look like Chan! ;) this one written by you?...dedecated to Chan???

    From the translated version it seems good :)
  13. Monique, I think I better ask PrudensOptimus to translate it.

    PrudensOptimus, would you mind translating it? I'm not good at translation.

    There are total four singers in this song, one of them is Jacky Chan.
  14. Ivan Seeking

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    That was Emil Chow (Wa Kin) wasn't it?

    I liked it.
  15. Oh, you know Chow Wa Kin ? Wow, I couldn't believe it. Is he really that famous?

    The other version of this song that I mentioned is actually sung by the same group of people. Emil Chow and Jacky Chan were two of them.
  16. Ivan Seeking

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    I have a secret source of ancient Chinese secrets.
  17. Thanks, but I do not take the credit. This song is quite a famous song but many people don't know the name since there are millions of good songs in China.

    This song is by Jackie Chan, and a few others together.
  18. They are the same lyrics...
  19. Same lyrics...
  20. No, they aren't the same. Names of the song are different too. I'm finding fonts that can convert traditional chinese characters to simplified Chinese characters as I'm afriad you can't understand every word written in traditional chinese characters. My experience tells me people from mainland China may find it difficult to read traditional chinese characters while we find it difficult to read simplified chinese characters.

    The link I provided above isn't the other version of this song. Perhaps you misunderstood that. I haven't uploaded my version yet. :smile: I'll upload them if ready, or if you don't mind reading traditional chinese characters.

  21. Dude, I know my Chinese. They are the same. Same name, same lyrics, same singers...
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