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Sound wave propagation and doppler shift wrt the medium

  1. Mar 12, 2015 #1
    In contemplation and research regarding another thread's question about the asymmetry of doppler shift wrt the medium, I find myself trying to imagine two people talking... or perhaps better yet matching pitch. In still air with both people facing each other at ten paces of course they would agree that both are right on key.

    If the wind were to blow the person downwind would hear the tone sooner or later than the person upwind and higher or lower pitch?
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    Hi there :smile:

    what tone? and where is it placed relative to the 2 people ? and what is the actual direction of the wind
    You never mentioned any tone source in your initial scenario

    draw a pic with people and tone source positions and wind direction

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    Hi and thanks in advance...
    sound in wind.png
    I am inclined to believe the sound waves would travel faster with the motion of the medium increasing the frequency heard downwind?
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