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Sound wave thru a tube question

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    I have two tubes. Both are 12 feet long. One is 4" diameter for its entire length. The other has a 4" diameter segment for 4 feet, expands to 5" diameter for 4 feet, then reduces back to 4" for the remaining 4 feet.

    If the same sound is injected into both tubes, will the sound exiting the far end of both tubes be the same ??? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
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    What do you think? Is this homework?
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    No. Because when the sound waves expand to 5", it's like starting with a whole new sound then it reenters the 4" section which changes the sound once more.
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    This is not homework, its for a personal project. I am (obviously) not an engineer.

    So the sound exiting is different ? How ? Lower tone ?
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