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Space Settlements: A Design Study

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    This might be helpful for Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering students

    http://lifesci3.arc.nasa.gov/SpaceSettlement/75SummerStudy/Table_of_Contents1.html [Broken]

    http://lifesci3.arc.nasa.gov/SpaceSettlement/75SummerStudy/4appendM.html [Broken]
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    Maybe we'll convert large asteroids into space stations in the future, It's possible that some larger asteroids would have a small thermal core that could be tapped for thermal electric power and the mass of the asteroid acting as some protective shielding from the enviroment in space and have a ready supply of ore to build with.

    Residential asteroids
    Commercial asteroids
    Industrial asteroids

    If the asteroid could be moved to favorable positions in space then it would also benifit us. :smile:
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