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Special and general relativity

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    If I am traveling in a spaceship in a speed close to the speed of light the time will delay right? However I am in space where there is low gravity which means that time will speed up. What will exactly happens to time will it speed up because of low gravity or delay because of the speed? Waiting for your answer.
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    Wrong. Your time doesn't change with respect to you. After all, right now, you are traveling VERY FAST according to another planet in a different galaxy. Do you see your time "delayed"?

    This is a bit confusing in light of your misunderstanding of time dilation from the first part. See if correcting that will force you to reexamine what you are trying to ask here.

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    I mean that my time will delay according earth for example
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    To earth
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    I don't see my time delayed I know, but you ,misunderstood me I mean that my time will delay according to earth for example
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    Anyway, can you answer my question?
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    I understand now thank you :)
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