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Specific heat Capacities of metals

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    Hi Admin, please allow me to post this here:

    The General Formula for Specific Heat Capacity is:

    C(Total) = C(electron)+C(phonon)

    C(electron) = aT
    where a is the sommerfield constant.

    C(phonon) = bT^3

    this time i don't know what is b (some constant)

    so my problem is, how can i determine b, if the only given are T, and a?

    i'm trying to plot the given a's of metals and their corresponding C(electron) at 300k
    but there is no relation between C(electron and C(phonon) or a and b.

    so please, guys help me.thanks :)
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    The specific heat capacity will tend towards the Dulong-Petit law at room temperature for many metals. You could use that to find your constant b.
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    so are you saying that the C(Specifc heat capacity) at room temperature using Dulong-Petit equation is

    C= 3RN?

    so where can i get the N=Degrees of freedom?
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